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What is Top Brass Military & Tactical




At Top Brass, our roots in the military & tactical industry run deep.  From our first tiny “surplus store” (opened in 1971) to our 20,000 square foot San Antonio, TX megastore (opened in 2011), Top Brass has worked tirelessly to build a bulletproof reputation as one of the most trusted and valuable partners of America’s military, law enforcement, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts. 

We believe in partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry who can bring the best value, most reliable products and getting those products in our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.  If we don’t trust a product, we won’t sell it. Period.  What you purchase from Top Brass could have a hand in saving your life or someone else’s life one day…and we take that very seriously. 

Our customers are our best advertisers, so we believe in giving you the best shopping experience possible to build a lasting and meaningful relationship that will hopefully continue far into the future.  You can buy with confidence knowing that Top Brass is committed to more than just making a sale…we are committed to making you a customer for life.  Your satisfaction and trust is always our #1 goal.